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Eco Crayons

PLANT BASED:  made from 100% plant waxes and butters. All eco crayons are vegan, gluten, paraffin and palm oil free making them a safe alternative.
NON-TOXIC: the best part is that they are 100% non-toxic!  They are free from heavy metals, asbestos, parabens and paraffin (petroleum).  All waxes and colours are food grade so if they do make their way into little mouths they are completely safe.
 ECO PACKAGING: This makes both the art mediums and the packaging eco-friendly and sustainable.
 BIODEGRADABLE: eco crayons are biodegradable so once you have finished using them you can put them in your green recycle bin, a tick for sustainability.
 HANDMADE IN AUSTRALIA: part of the eco crayon ethos is to make natural and non-toxic art mediums so all products are lovingly handmade from scratch in Australia.