Budget Bundle’s (3 pads)- light, Regular and Heavy
Budget Bundle’s (3 pads)- light, Regular and Heavy
Budget Bundle’s (3 pads)- light, Regular and Heavy
Cloth Pads by Josie

Budget Bundle’s (3 pads)- light, Regular and Heavy

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* Please read description carefully before purchasing*

Pictures make up part of the description, as bundle purchased is actual that will be received. 

These Bundles from Cloth Pads by Josie are budget friendly cloth bundles made from pads that may have slight imperfections such as small stitching faults. 

These imperfections do not affect the use in any way, however are just not a true reflection of the normal standard of Cloth Pads by Josie. 

All of these cloth pads are Minky topped and backed and have a PUL layer (whether it be hidden or backed in laminated Minky). 

Each Cloth pad absorbency can be identified by the * on the wing

  • Liners are 3 layers of flannel *
  • Light is one layer flannel one layer 500gsm bamboo Fleece **
  • Regular is 2 layers flannel and one layer 500gsm bamboo fleece ***
  • Heavy is one layer flannel and 2 layers 500gsm bamboo Fleece ****


Wash and care instruction: 

  • Rinse in cold water until water runs clear
  • wash as normal. In either nappy load or with normal washing.
  • Hang to dry. Due to these containing PUL they cannot be dried in the dryer
  • Spot clean any stains with sunlight/sard soap or napisan (follow packet instructions) 
  • Do not wash above 40/60 degrees due to Pads containing PUL 

Due to these pads being sold at a reduced price with minor faults, no returns will be accepted on the basis of imperfections. 
No returns of change of mind will be accepted on these pads.