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Cloth Pads - Age of Portion

Cloth Pads - Age of Portion

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  • 100% Cotton top and bottom: Each pad will have a top and bottom layer of printed cotton (so it doesn't slip, and so you can enjoy the prints without them facing down).
  • Absorbency: Along with the 2 layers of printed cotton, each pad will also feature:
    • Liner (6"): 1-layer bamboo cotton fleece in the middle: $11.95
    • Moderate (8.5"): 2-layer bamboo cotton + 1-layer PUL: $14.95
    • Heavy (10"): 2x layer bamboo cotton + 1x layer hemp cotton + 1x layer PUL: $19.95
  • Extra snaps to secure the pads in place:
    • Liner: 1 snap, 2.5" apart
    • Moderate: 1 row, 2 snaps (2.5" and 2.75")
    • Heavy: 2 rows, 2 snaps (2.5" and 2.75")
The extra row of snaps (from my experience) helps the pad from shifting around, which is why we have added it for the heavier pads