Curious Koala Busy Box - 12 Page Edition
Curious Koala Busy Box - 12 Page Edition
Curious Koala Busy Box - 12 Page Edition
Curious Koala Busy Box - 12 Page Edition

Curious Koala Busy Box - 12 Page Edition

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The Curious Koala book is available in 8 pages or 12 pages of FUN for curious little minds! Designed to encourage open ended, imaginative and creative play whilst developing critical thinking and fine motor skills.

Activities include:

  • Australia Puzzle: What a beautiful and unique country Australia is. What are each of these pieces? Can you put Australia back together again? Where do you live?
  • Luscious Locks: Run your fingers through the girl’s soft hair. Braid her hair or let it all out! How many beads are on her lovely necklace?
  • Basket of Colours: Brown bear needs help matching all the colours on the rainbow! Help snap them back on!
  • Laundry Day: The laundry basket is full! What shall we wash? Don’t forget the fabric softener! Plug on the power and away we go!
  • Clothes Line: What a beautiful day – perfect weather to hang the clothes out to dry. Can you peg them on the line?
  • Apple Sorting: Sort the apples into the baskets. How many apples there are?
  • Zipper Dee Doo Dah: The beautiful rainbow is zipping through the clouds. How many colours are there? Let’s sing the rainbow song to help us remember the colours of the rainbow.
  • Naughts and Crosses: Will you take naughts or crosses? Take turns with a friend and try to get three in a row!
  • Hungry Frog: Hungry frog is hungry again! Unzip his mouth and feed him some juicy flies.
  • Baby Shark: Sing along to the Baby Shark song while you catch the sharks with the “magic” (magnetic) fishing rod. Which one is the daddy shark? Baby Shark doo doo doo..
  • Tea Time: Time for tea. Would you like some biscuits? What flavour do you think this one is? Can you count the number of choc chips on the choc chip cookie?
  • Goodnight Peppa Pig: What a day it’s been. Snuggle up to your favourite toy. It’s time to go to sleep.

For that extra special finishing touch and to encourage name recognition, personalisation with natural wood beads is available for this book.

Size: 20 x 20cm

Age Guide:  2 - 6 years

The Curious Koala book contains small parts that are securely sewn on however please continue to ensure that children under the age of 3 are closely supervised whilst playing with this busy book.