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Mr Rabbit Training Undies - Medium
Mr Rabbit Training Undies - Medium
Mr Rabbit Training Undies - Medium
Cottontail Creations

Mr Rabbit Training Undies - Medium

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Cottontail training pants have been designed to help with the transition from nappies to underwear! The absorbency is sewn between two layers of cotton lycra, and so they look like real underwear (these are definitely not designed for use in place of nappies if your little one is not showing signs of toilet training as they do not have the same level of absorbency). Due to the materials, they are made from, if not changed shortly after an accident wicking could occur.  The stitching to hold all absorbency layers in place is on the outer layer of cotton lycra as i know this can be a sensory issue for some little ones!



The training pants are made from two layers of cotton lycra. In between these are 2 layers of bamboo fleece and 1 of PUL (for added protection). The bands are also made from cotton lycra. These form a nice seal around the legs and waist. The bamboo is sewn all the way up the front and back for extra coverage.


SMALL (clothing size around 0/1 and up to approx 10kg)

MEDIUM (clothing size 2 and up to approx 13kg)

LARGE (clothing size 3 and up to approx 17kg)

X-LARGE (clothing size 4/5 and up to approx 20kg)

However, this does depend on the size and build of your child. If you are unsure, I would recommend sizing up.