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Night Booster Set

Night Booster Set

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This night Booster set is the perfect addition to make your fitted Bamboo delight (or any fitted nappy) the perfect night option! 

Set contains:

  • Snap in 3 layer 30x33cm super thick Bamboo Trifold
  • 4 layer 10x33cm Bamboo Booster

Made from extra heavy 440gsm bamboo there are 13 super thick and thirsty layers of bamboo 

  • Night weight Trifold holds approx 165g of liquid
  • Night weight Booster holds approx 86g of liquid

The night booster set can be used in a candie shell to increase the absorbency of a candie for sleep time. It will really depend on how much your child wets as to how long you will get out of this set.