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Purple Stripes Cloth Pad - Moderate
Red Town Reusable

Purple Stripes Cloth Pad - Moderate

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Red Town reusable cloth pads are beautifully handmade right here in Australia. 

All these pads come with Softshell Fleece backing which makes it water resistant and prevents leaks, while also preventing the pad from sliding around. 

These come in the Moonrise shape. Moderate pads are 10 inch.
These Floral are topped with cotton knit. 
*please note placements may vary*



Washing and care instructions- 

Cold wash before first use.

Before washing used pads, thoroughly rinse by hand, or by using the prewash cycle on your washing machine.

Pre-treat staining with your chosen stain remover, or soak in Nappisan for a maximum of 4 hours.

Wash on cold with your chosen detergent. Do not use fabric softeners, as it will reduce absorbency. Hang to dry in the shade, or tumble dry using the delicates/low setting.