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These Brooksies Wet Bags are perfect for daily use, especially when out and about. Instead of being flat, our Wet Bags have a boxed out base to allow you to fit even more inside. Measuring 30cm wide x 26cm high with a 15cm boxed base.


This wet bag can hold between 6-8 OSFM nappies. It has two pockets. The main pocket in the back for keeping all your wet bits and bobs, and a slightly smaller pocket in the front for holding all your dry items. These two pockets are also excellent for keeping your clean and dirty items apart.


Brooksies wet bags also have a strap on top that can be opened at our industrial strength snap so that the wet bag can be attached to a stroller handle, door knob, or any other ideal hanging place.


Brooksies uses a water resistant TPU. This is a heat bonding lamination process which is believed to be more environmentally friendly. During the lamination process, solvents are not used, and as such, TPU is exposed to fewer harmful chemicals and is better for the natural environment than traditional PUL.


Laundry Tips:

  • To clean, simply machine wash with your nappies or other soiled items.
  • Wash between 40-60 degrees celcius.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Line dry in the shade.